How to change the oven lightning bulb

Most Teka ovens include a bulb up to 300 º C located at the top rear of the oven. To avoid electrical overloads and burns, make sure the oven is turned off and completely cool before replacing the bulb. For more safety, disconnect the power from your home.

Once the bulb is located, remove the cover that protects it with the help of a rag. The cover includes a positioning notching mechanism to make it easy to remove by exerting a little pressure.

Then unscrew the bulb and change the new.

Finally, before re-screwing the removed cover, you can take advantage of this moment to clean it and improve the interior lighting of the oven.

For models that include the bulb on the side, you may need help from a flat-tipped tool to release the glass lens from the lampholder. Once the bulb is replaced, re-mount the lens making sure it fits in the correct position. To change the LED lamp contact the official technical Support Service at +355 69 20 95 571