How to clean the inner cavity of the oven

It is important to clean the interior of the oven regularly to remove any traces of grease or food, which may cause staining or unwanted fumes and odours in subsequent uses.

First of all, make sure the oven is completely cold. On enamelled surfaces (e.g. oven floor) use nylon brushes or sponges with mild soapy water. If you use oven cleaning products, apply them only on enameled surfaces and always follow manufacturer's instructions.


Do not clean the oven interior with steam or pressurized water cleaning devices.

With the passage of time, certain types of foods such as tomatoes, vinegar, roasted salt... cause changes in enamel coloration. This is normal and does not affect the operation of the oven. Do not attempt to remove these stains with aggressive media such as metal scouring pads, wire brushes, or any utensils that may scratch the enamel as they may permanently damage the surface.

See how the Brackets and bottom panel of your oven model are disassembled and mounted in the user manual or use guide included with the product.